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Connect To Any ERP

SigiXtract integrates seamlessly with any ERP and extracts the required data from your scanned documents before posting it into your account.

Our mission is to automate the tedious manual processes and exhausting data entry so that humans are freed for more intelligent and creative tasks! To help organizations make their unstructured data a competitive advantage by unlocking useful information from unstructured and free-form semi-structured documents.

SigiXtract has the ability to get the Data Output in the form of Rest API & JSON, which helps to connect with any ERP



  • Enables businesses to achieve higher productivity, efficiency, and reduce human costs by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Increases the accessibility of data from digital documents ensuring organizations make better future decisions.
  • Immensely improves the customer service experience by easily accessing information from text messages or voice calls.
  • Helps to convert scanned documents and images into editable formats to update information constantly and regularly.