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Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation at SigiXtract uses machine learning, template-less, invoice recognition organizes and simplifies your invoice processing while providing more accurate data extraction results. Our pre-tuned invoice capture software allows you to immediately process large volumes of invoices — in an unattended mode with highly accurate, reliable results with automatic verification —ensuring significant time and cost savings.


Flexible, Easy and Set and Forget

Capture from a Variety of Document Types

We support all forms of invoices including virtually all digital formats (PDF, DOC, XLS etc.) and imaged documents (PDF, JPG, PNG etc.) Do away with invoice scanners and manual data entry.

Auto Pick Document from Emails / Folder

Our OCR has the ability to pick, read & extract data from Email or Shared Folders

No Rules or Templates Necessary

Using SigiXtract artificial intelligence technology, the invoice data capture doesn’t need specialist engineers to set up “rules” or “templates” for each supplier invoice design.