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Invoice Automation in SAP is the ability to completely integrate digital incoming invoice processing into the company’s accounting processes carries significant potential. From invoice scanning and automatic readout of the relevant information, such as the header and position data, to direct parking in the SAP system, all the way through release and final posting in SAP.

The identified invoice data is automatically passed on to the SAP system where it can be further processed as usual. Further processing is even possible without direct access to the SAP system.

Supplier Invoice Automation in SAP – AutoSIM

Our Parent Company Sigitek Software Services has developed an SAP Solution, which helps to automate MIGO & MIRO Process in SAP. Integrating SigiXtract with SAP AutoSIM will help companies TO Automate PO, Non-PO & Service PO in SAP.

The Integrated Solution can,

  • Automate Invoice Extraction from Email / Hard Copy
  • Automate SAP Invoice Posting
  • Approval Management – Single & Multiple Hierarchy
  • Audit Trail Management
  • Consolidated P2P Report
  • Management Report for P2P Cycle.